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HNC-818Di-T Linux CNC Controller for Lathe




2-4 axis


Ethercat, NCUC, M3


12.1 inches

Main Features

  • 12.1-inch HNC Linux CNC controller for CNC lathes
  • Significantly improve the accuracy and finish of lathe machining
  • Based on QT development framework, customized HMI, simple and fast.
  • Professional thread repair function
  • Easy to operate and debug



1. The high-performance drive adopts hardware current loop, wave trap, over modulation, field weakening and other technologies to significantly improve the response characteristics of the current loop and the stiffness and response of the servo control.

2. All series of low-voltage LMDD series and high-voltage HMDD series motors are equipped with 16 million lines of high-resolution photoelectric encoders as standard, which improves the processing accuracy and finish.

3. Based on the QT development framework, customized HMI development is more convenient and quicker. The interface styles such as menu, display style, and display color can be adjusted on the spot. The modular design is convenient and fast for secondary development and special machine development.

4. Support multi-station display, multi-spindle load display, multi-station graphic display, parameter classification displays, convenient modification and query, custom display configuration, custom classification.

5. Real-time monitoring of program running status, real-time display of register status, integrated oscilloscope function, user-friendly debugging.

6. The joint adjustment between the system and the servo is simple and intuitive, and the system guidance and recommended value methods increase the adjustment efficiency, covering all loops and tapping.

7. Simple PLC function switch: realize the selection of different functions and panel control of different device models through the PLC switch of the interface. Realize convenient debugging and matching in machine tool factory.

8. Simple compensation data import method: RENISHAW laser interferometer measurement data is input in native format, without modification and calculation, it is directly loaded into the system through U disk, the compensation takes effect immediately, and the machine tool accuracy detection efficiency is increased by 2 times.

9. Thread repair function: After processing a thread, re-clamping is performed, and the coordinates are recorded in the thread repair function interface, and the “recut thread effective” function button is turned on, and then secondary processing is performed, and the thread can be re-tooled.


Item Specification HNC-818Di
Maximum number of simultaneously controlled axes in channel / 5 3
Maximum number of feed axes 5 3
Maximum number of spindles in channel 4 3
Number of PMC control axes 3 1
Number of channels Standard 1 1
Maximum 2 2
Spindle/channel Standard 1 1
Maximum 2 3
Feed axis/channel Standard 3 3
Maximum 9 3
Number of input/output points at maximum / 2048/2048
Axis name (single channel) Three basic axes: X, Y, Z; additional axes: U, V, W, A, B, C Standard
Two basic axes: X, Z; additional axes: Y, U, V, W, A, B, C
Axis name (multi-channel) One or two characters plus number, the first must be a character, e.g. X1 Standard
Gantry axis synchronization / Optional
Tangent synchronization control Optional
Basic axis coupling control Optional
Electronic gear box Optional
Linear chart Optional
Inclined axis control Optional
Minimum input unit mm, deg, inch 10-4
Metric/Inch G20/G21 Standard
Pulse unit input G22 Standard
Machine lock / Standard
Emergency stop Standard
Overtravel Standard
Spatial protection area Providing protection for workpiece and tool Optional
Software limit / Optional
Dynamic axis release/capture G101/G102 Optional
Synchronization between channels G104.0 to G104.7 Optional

Product Size


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