Application of HNC-818B/T CNC System in the Upgrade for U.S.A Hardinge COBRA42 CNC Lathe

time 2022.04.21
address China

I. Customer Site Introduction

The COBRA42 full-function CNC lathe to be transformed was introduced from Hardinge, USA in 2002. The original CNC system adopts the FANUC system. The machine tool has three servo axes: X/Z/turret rotary axis, semi-closed loop control, and the spindle is a servo spindle. The machine tool was in a shutdown state before the transformation, the components in the numerical control system and the electrical system were aging, and the geometric accuracy had been partially lost.

COBRA42 full-function CNC lathe (before transformation)

II. Retrofit Solution

1. The configuration of CNC system devices, servo drives and motors are as follows:

Serial Number

Product Name

Specifications & Model



HNC-818B/T system device

10.4 inch color screen; 2-axis linkage function.

1 set


Feed shaft drive


3 sets


Spindle drive


1 set


Feed axis servo motor


1 set


1 set


1 set


Spindle servo motor


1 set

2. Main functions of CNC system for machine tool applications:

The transformation of COBRA42 full-function CNC lathe mainly applies two-axis linkage function, coordinate system setting function, linear interpolation function, circular interpolation function, thread processing function, MDI and M, S, T functions, processing graphics simulation function, canned cycle features of HNC-818B/T CNC lathe controller system.

HuazhongCNC HNC-818BT system

3. The main contents of the upgrade are as follows:

-Use HuazhongCNC HNC-818B/T CNC system, supporting servo motor and servo drive for transformation;
-Overhaul the feed shaft ball screw and replace the screw bearing;
-Check and repair the main shaft and replace the main shaft bearing to ensure the accuracy and speed of the main shaft;
-Overhaul the power turret and hydraulic tailstock;
-Overhaul the hydraulic, lubrication, cooling, and pneumatic systems of the machine tool and replace damaged parts;
-Redesign the electrical control schematic diagram of the machine tool, replace the electrical control and electrical components and re-wiring.
-Restore the accuracy and function of the original machine tool.

III. The Effect after the Transformation

COBRA42 turning center (after transformation)

After the equipment transformation is completed, the accuracy of the machine tool and all functions have been restored, and the operation is stable; it is mainly used to process the shaft pin parts, fully meeting the process requirements of the customer.