RDT Series Delta Robot Used to Pick and Place the Ice Cream Scoop

time 2022.05.10
address China

Since industrial robots joined the manufacturing industry, it has brought rapid changes to enterprises. Today, we will share with you the successful application case of the delta parallel robot.

Due to its advantages of high speed, high stiffness and light weight, delta robots are widely used in food, medicine and other industries for sorting, packing, inspection and etc. In this video, our RDT series delta robots are used in the production of ice cream scoops. After the production of the ice cream scoop is completed, it is conveyed through the belt conveyor line. The pick & place robot grabs and sends it into the material box with the aid of vision. After the material box is full, it enters the next station. By replacing manual sorting with robotic sorting, the work efficiency of the ice cream production line is greatly improved and labor costs are reduced.

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