HNC-848D CNC Controller Used on Italy MINIFLEX Turning-Milling Center for Transformation

time 2022.04.21
address China

I. Customer Site Introduction

The equipment to be modified is the MINIFLEX turning-milling composite machining center produced by the Italian company IMT. The original CNC system adopts the FANUC-180i system, and the machine tool is X/Y/Z three-axis linkage control with dual-spindle mode. The machine tool was in a shutdown state before the transformation, the components in the numerical control system and the electrical system were seriously aging, and the geometric accuracy had been partially lost.

MINIFLEX turning and milling machining center (before transformation)

II. Transformation Plan

1. The configuration of CNC system devices, servo drives and motors are as follows:

Serial Number

Product Name

Specifications & Model



HNC-848D System Device

17-inch color screen. Four-axis linkage, network function;

1 set


Feed shaft drive

HSV-180US-200R (special spindle low-voltage drive)

1 set

HSV-180US-100R (the second spindle turret)

1 set


1 set


2 sets


Feed axis servo motor

Keep the original FANUC low-voltage electric spindle

1 set

GM7107-4SC61-)-b (turret motor)

1 set

GK6085-6AF61-J20E-b (X-axis motor)

1 set

GK6081-6AF61-J20E-b (Y-axis motor)

1 set

GK6081-6AF61-J20B-b brake (Z-axis motor)

1 set

2. Main functions of CNC system used in machine tool

The transformation of the MINIFLEX turning-milling composite machining center mainly applies the multi-channel function, coordinate conversion function, dual-spindle synchronization function, RTCP function, breakpoint processing save/restore function, straight line, arc, thread, NURBS interpolation function, automatic acceleration and deceleration control function, coordinate system setting function, tool compensation function, spindle oriented stop function, MDI and M, S, T function, full closed loop control function, network function, processing big data collection and monitoring function and other high-end control features of HuazhongCNC HNC-848D 5 axis CNC controller.

3. The main contents of the upgrade are as follows:

– Use HuazhongCNC HNC-848D CNC system, supporting servo motor and servo drive for transformation;
– Replace the feed shaft ball screw, screw bearing, linear guide;
– Check and repair the spindle and restore the accuracy of the spindle unit;
– Restore the functions of the turret and tool magazine to ensure its accuracy;
– The safety door realizes pneumatic automatic switch;
– The spindle has a directional parking function;
– Overhaul hydraulic, lubrication, cooling, and pneumatic systems and replace damaged parts;
– Overhaul the chip removal system of the machine tool;
– Redesign the electrical control schematic diagram of the machine tool, replace the electrical control and electrical components and re-wiring.

III. Effect After Transformation

MINIFLEX turning and milling machining center (after transformation)

After the equipment transformation is completed, the accuracy of the machine tool and all the functions of the machine are restored, and the operation is stable; it is mainly used for piston positioning and stop, skirt outer circle, pin hole, retaining ring groove, inner chamfer processing, to meet customer parts processing requirements.