Successful Application of HNC8 Series CNC Controller on Jack CNC Grinders

time 2022.04.21
address China

Customer Introduction

Zhejiang Jack Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jack Holding Group, which specializes in the production of high-precision grinding machines. Jack Holding Group is an internationally well-known private enterprise group. It has successively invested and established production bases in Germany, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places. It has successively won honors such as China’s Top 500 Competitiveness Enterprises, China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises, China’s Top 100 Growth Enterprises, and China’s Well-known Trademarks. Jack Machine Tool is the second leading industry of Jack Holding Group after sewing machines. It now has tens of thousands of square meters of workshops, complete advanced processing equipment, and a high-tech, high-level, high-quality expert and technical team focusing on manufacturing CNC grinders.

Close Product Cooperation Between Jack Machine Tool and HuazhongCNC

The main products of Zhejiang Jack Machine Tool Co., Ltd. include CNC cylindrical grinders, measuring instrument grinders, surface grinders, internal grinders and other series. Among them, the MK1320 and MK1620 series CNC precision cylindrical grinders have the advantages of strong grinding power, high finish, stable performance and easy operation, which are especially suitable for grinding shaft workpieces.

Over the years, Jack Machine Tool has formed a long-term cooperative relationship with Huazhong CNC. From the early CNC system HNC-21 to the current CNC system series HNC-808XP-G, HNC-808D-G, etc., Jack Machine Tool purchases nearly a thousand sets of CNC machine control system from HuazhongCNC every year. At present, Jack Machine Tool has become a model of China’s CNC grinding machine industry.

Pictures About Customer Site

MK1320 (semi-protection, full protection, automation) CNC precision cylindrical grinder, equipped with HNC-808XP-G grinder CNC system
MK1620 (semi-protection, automation) CNC cylindrical grinder, equipped with HNC-808D-G grinder CNC system
JK006 CNC caliper grinder, equipped with HNC CNC grinder controller

Key Technologies of Our CNC Systems Used in the Application

1) Convenient programming: HNC CNC system has realized the perfect integration with the grinding process, and has multiple programming methods such as cylindrical grinding insert cycle auxiliary programming, cylindrical grinding process card grinding programming, and internal grinding process card programming.
2) Machining complex parts: the CNC system has the function of oblique axis machining, which can process complex parts.
3) Convenient measurement: the CNC system is integrated with the external measuring instrument, and the workpiece size can be measured online and automatically compensated.
4) Labor-saving and high-efficiency: our CNC system has realized the integration of trusses, robotic hands, etc. with automation technology, greatly improving the efficiency and automation of CNC machining.

What Do People Say About Jack CNC Grinder?

At present, Jack machine tool is equipped with our HNC series CNC grinder controller, mainly used in shipbuilding, automobile and other manufacturing fields. Its market is spreading all over China, and the CNC grinders have been exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America. Jack machine tools are well received by customers.

“The machining efficiency and stability of the CNC system for cylindrical grinding can fully meet the requirements of the use of CNC cylindrical grinding machine tools. The reliability of the Huazhong CNC system has reached the level of similar international CNC systems, and its functions, performance and operation methods have also reached the level of similar international products” said by one of the Southeast Asian customers of Jack Machine Tool.


Future Development Prospects

Looking forward to the future, Jack Machine Tool and Huazhong CNC will further strengthen cooperation and make full use of the newly-built CNC grinding machine industrialization base to develop and sell quality CNC grinding machines that meet market needs. At the same time, the two parties will jointly develop high-end intelligent CNC grinders equipped with the latest generation intelligent HNC-9 series CNC system of HuazhongCNC to compete with international high-end grinders.