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Industrial Robot Training Platform for Programming and Application


Robot Training Platform


6 axes

Working radius




Main Features

  • Aiming to help the operators to practice robot operation skill
  • It integrates the programming and the operation of the industrial robot together
  • The industrial robot training system can be combined for three levels of practical training – primary, intermediate and advanced – in a progressive manner.
  • The higher level covering the lower level skill requirements.
  • It covers professional knowledge in multiple disciplines such as industrial robotics, mechanical design, electrical automation, intelligent sensing and intelligent manufacturing.



1. Easy to install

Users can apply a single desktop for basic practical training and assessment, or a dual desktop can be spliced to achieve collaborative practical training and assessment of dual robots.

2. Multi-functional

The system incorporates advanced manufacturing technologies such as industrial robotics, mechanical drive technology, electronic and electrical technology, multiple operation technology, intelligent sensing technology, programmable control technology, machine vision technology, computer technology, serial communication technology, Ethernet communication technology, etc.


Configuration list
No. Name Unit Quantity
1 Industrial robot Set 1
2 Standard training platform Set 1
3 Quick change tool module Set 1
4 Sample set Set 1
5 Drawing module Set 1
6 Handling module Set 1
7 Palletizing module Set 1
8 General Electric Interface Kit Set 1
9 Peripheral Controller Kit Set 1
10 Assembly module Set 1
11 Type feeding module Set 1
12 Conveyor transport module Set 1
13 RFID module Set 1
14 Visual inspection module Set 1
15 Storage module Set 1
16 Rotary feeding module Set 1
17 Positioner module Set 1
18 Typical Process Application Module Kit Set 1
19 Motor assembly module Set 1
20 Checkerboard module Set 1
21 Walking axis module Set 1
22 Offline programming software Set 1
23 Secondary development software package Set 1
24 Oil-free silent air pump Set 1
25 Computers and tables and chairs Set 1
26 Process monitoring module Set 1
1. Robot body 1.1 Six degree of freedom, tandem articulated industrial robot /
1.2 Repeatability ±0.02mm
1.3 Load capacity ⩾3kg
1.4 Horizontal reachable distance ⩾571.5mm
2. Standard training platform 2.1 Size ⩾1280 × 1280 × 880 mm
2.2 Module fixing plate ⩾12
2.3 Maximum electrical interface capacity ⩾3 groups
3. Quick change tool module 3.1 1 set of fixed bottom plate /
3.2 1 set of quick-change bracket
3.3 1 set of quick-change plate
3.4 4 sets of tools and stainless steel handles
4. Sample set


4.1 Assembly kit (base model, motor model, reducer model, flange model) The motor model is divided into three parts: motor housing, rotor and end cover
4.2 Can be fully assembled or customized


4.3 Palletizing kit

Requirements: square and rectangular can be mixed


Type of parts: ⩾2 types (square and rectangular)

5. Drawing module 5.1 Adapt to standard training platform positioning installation /
5.2 Number of drawings ⩾10
5.3 Preset pattern Straight line, arc, curve
5.4 Plane drawing board size 290×223×2mm
Surface drawing module /
5.4.1. Adapt to standard training platform positioning installation
5.4.2. Number of drawings ⩾10
5.4.3. Preset pattern Straight line, arc, curve
5.5 Surface drawing size 250×200×35mm
6. Handling module 6.1 Number of parts that can be accommodated 18
6.2 Arrangement form 3 rows, 6 columns
6.3 The workpiece to be handled is triangular, and the handling slot has a digital identification. /
7. Palletizing module 7.1 Palletizing position ⩾2 positions
7.2 Pallet size 65×65×25mm
7.3 The robot has a palletizing technology package, which can quickly perform palletizing programming. /
8. General Electric Interface Kit 8.1 Bus module Support Ethercat or DeviceNet
8.2 Digital expansion module 1)Digital channel: 32DI/DO

2)Voltage: DC24V

9. Peripheral Controller Kit 9.1 Controller Memory capacity for users: ⩾100K/4MB.
Digital channel: ⩾14DI/10DO
Analog channel: ⩾2AI/AO
AI(0-10v) AO(0-20mA)
9.2 HMI Display: ⩾7 inches TFT display, 16777216 colors
Resolution: ⩾800×480 pixels
10. Assembly module 10.1 Contains double shaft cylinder /
10.2 V-block fixed clamping range is variable
10.3 Installation method: installed above the rotary positioner module controlled by the servo motor
11. # type feeding module 11.1 Plexiglas tube length ⩾150mm
11.2 Use cylinder mode to control the discharge of materials /
12. Conveyor transport module 12.1 Conveyor included
12.2 Effective working width ⩾60mm
12.3 Max. speed ⩾4m/min
12.4 Support 0-20mA analog speed control /
13. RFID module 13.1 Contains reader’s support part
13.2 Communication Interface RS422
13.3 Reader Operating frequency/ rated value: 13.56MHz
14. Visual inspection module 14.1 Visual inspection system 1/1.8″ CMOS imager: color, 6 million pixels
Imaging mode: ⩾640×480
Resolution: 3072×2048
Frame rate: 17fps
14.2 Weighing unit Weighing area: ≤φ68mm
Weighing range: 0-1000g
15. Storage module 15.1 Storage capacity ⩾6
15.2 Compatible workpiece types ⩾4 types
15.3 Ethernet I/O acquisition module Data acquisition channel: ⩾6DI
16. Rotary feeding module 16.1 Speed ⩾20º/s
16.2 Load ⩾5kg
16.3 Drive Stepper motor +

harmonic reducer

17. Positioner module 17.1 Travel range ±45°
17.2 Speed range 10~30°/s
17.3 Drive method AC servo + worm gear reducer
18. Typical process application module kit 18.1 Including welding, grinding, gluing, various types of process for workpieces ⩾2 /
19. Motor assembly module 19.1 Material pallet size (length * width) 300×250mm
20. Checkerboard module 20.1 Board size 300×300×8mm
20.2 Chess piece array 5×5
20.3 Can accommodate chess pieces size φ55mm
21. Material temporary storage module 21.1 Placement height Vertical distance from desktop 150mm
21.2 Can accommodate positioning workpiece types ⩾2
22. Offline programming software 22.1 Genuine software, exclusive license, free upgrade /
22.2 The offline programming software and the training platform industrial robot body are the same brand.
22.3 It can realize offline programming of more than 3 brands and more than 3 models of industrial robots  of each brand;
23. Secondary development software package 23.1 Support the secondary development for the industrial robot system
23.2 Support SDK for secondary development programming of industrial robot system
23.3 Support the customization of the teach pendant interface
23.4 Provide controller configuration software 1) Can realize the communication connection with the robot controller;

2) Provide basic teaching of the robot, including jog, inching, reset alarm functions, etc.

24. Oil-free silent air pump 24.1 Using pure copper motor to provide air supply for the innovation platform Equipment power: 600W

Displacement: 45L/min

Capacity: 30L

25. Computer, desk and chairs /
26. Process monitoring module Used for video recording during training and assessment, to monitor the operation of equipment.
26.1 Camera hardware configuration 1) The highest resolution is up to 1920×1080 @25fps

2) Support PoE power supply function

26.2 U-shaped camera bracket Made of high-quality steel pipe, the bottom can be perfectly docked with the platform, and network communication cables can be installed inside

Application Cases

Industrial robot training platform HSA
Industrial robot training platform HSA
Industrial robot training platform HSB
Industrial robot training platform HSB
Industrial robot training platform HSC
Industrial robot training platform HSC

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