Huashu Robot Won The 9th Capek Annual Innovation Engineering Award

On the 17th of May, the grand event of the robotics industry – “2023 The 13th China International Robotics Summit Forum and the 9th Capek Awards Ceremony” was grandly opened in Wuhu. The conference attracted more than 800 people including top experts in robotics and intelligent manufacturing, corporate executives, and industry elites to gather in Wuhu. Anchoring the “robot +” upgrade path, the ceremony will discuss upgrading the industrial chain, activating the innovation chain, and establishing an ecological chain.

Huashu Robot‘s “automation production line and application demonstration for high-intensity industries such as kitchen utensils and small household appliances” won the 9th Capek “Annual Innovation Engineering Award”.

Huashu Robot won the 9th Capek Annual Innovation Engineering Award

For a long time, Huashu Robotics has been deeply cultivating the segmented market, and through continuous technological and product innovation, it has formed an advantageous and mature application solution for the segmented field. Features, carry out digital modeling and simulation optimization of robot automation production lines, realize the overall optimization of process and logistics layout, and greatly improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations in the kitchen utensils and small household appliances industries; in the manufacturing and processing links, realize robot assembly, polishing, spraying; in the logistics link, to learn robot labeling, palletizing, packaging, and AGV transfer; to study multi-robot collaboration technology, which improves the flexibility and intelligence of the production line; The batch application of the industry is a model.