HuazhongCNC is one of the renowned welding robot manufacturers in China, dedicated in the industrial robot product design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Our robot R&D team has more than 500 sophisticated members. We provide a wide range of welding robotic systems and cells such as Arc welding robot, spot welding robot, laser welding robot, Mig welding robot, Tig welding robot and etc.

Our HNC series welding robots have been successfully used for automatic welding process in different fields. With the integration of various smart sensors, professional welding process package and feature-rich welding devices, the robotic welding arms can help you realize precise welding to medical equipment, auto parts, pipes, tubes, 3C products, battery cells, solar cells and etc. which are made in steel, aluminum, metal, brass and other alloys. The welding track is accurate, and the welding quality is stable and reliable with beautiful and consistent welding seam. Compared with the traditional manual welding mode, our welding robot has high working efficiency, which can help you effectively reduce labor costs and improve welding efficiency.




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