HNC-RDT1208 industrial robot

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HNC-RDT1208 industrial robot

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HNC-RDT1208 industrial robot

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HNC-RDT1208 industrial robot is suitable for fast sorting or packing of small food, medicine, hardware and other small products. It integrates intelligent visual recognition function, and has good dynamic tracking function, so it can grasp the object accurately without stopping the conveyor. DT_Catch software integrates the visual setting, tool setting, track setting, palletizing module and calibration module together to simplify users' operation process, so that users can change the program at any time based on needs.

Product Characteristic

1. High repeated positioning accuracy up to 0.1mm.

2. Intelligent visual recognition: the robot comes with a vision system that recognizes and accurately locates the shape, features and posture of the target.

3. Conveyor dynamic tracking: dynamically capture the target of visual recognition, greatly improve the efficiency of capture.

4. High speed: no-load grabbing beats up to 160 times/minute (span 200mm).

5. Desktop placement, lightweight and portable. The weight of the whole machine is less than 55kg and can be placed on the desktop. 

Product Parameters

Model HNC-RDT1208
Number of axes 3 3+1 (Direct motor connection)
Payload 8Kg 8Kg
Max. working   radius 600mm 600mm
Maximum pick   and place height 335mm 335mm
The fourth   axis rotation angle / ±360°
Repeated   precision ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Beats per   minute(25mm-305mm-25mm)、0.1kg 180 180
Voltage 380V 380V
Power 6200W 6300W
I/O   parameters Digital:24input,16output Digital:24input,16output
Communication   connectors Network port: 1 Ethercat interface: 1 Network port: 1 Ethercat interface: 1
Communication   method TCP/IP、MODBUS TCP TCP/IP、MODBUS TCP
Reserved   signal cable 10 bits (terminal block connection) 10 bits (terminal block connection)
Reserved gas   tube No No
Robot weight 135kg 145KG
Installation method Hoisting Hoisting
Control cabinet weight 43kg 45KG
Control cabinet size 575(width)×352(thickness)×530(height) 575(width)×352(thickness)×530(height)
Robot-cabinet connection cable length 5m 5m
Cable length of teach pendant No teach pendant No teach pendant
Environment humidity 20%-85% 20%-85%
Ambient temperature 0-45℃ 0-45℃
Body protection level IP54 IP54
Control cabinet protection level IP53 IP53

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Ice cream scoop sorting


DT robot for sorting


DT robot for picking and placing snack

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