HSV-160U Series Servo Drive

Product Description

HSV-160U Series Servo Drive

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HSV-160U Series Servo Drive

Low Voltage Servo Drive

HSV160U 220V AC Servo Drive | Voltage 220V | Power from 200w to 100kw | Support NCUC and EtherCAT bus interface | Support ENDAT, TAMAGAWA, Nikon, Hiperface encode | Support full-closed loop control

Product Characteristic

HSV-160U 220V AC servo drive series 

-Applies mainly to the fields of accuracy and response sensitive numerical control. 

-Data is exchanged at a rapid pace with high-speed industrial ethernet bus interface

-Support compound incremental encoder, sine cosine encoder, and all digital absolute encoder

-Connect to the high-resolution absolute encoder interface, with the position feedback resolution up to 23-bit

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Product Parameters

Working current of series HSV-160U AC servo drive unit

Type Continuous current (A/30min) (valid value) Max. short-time current (A/1min) (valid value) Max. power of matching motor (KW)
HSV-160U-010 4.8 7.2 0.75
HSV-160U-020 6.9 10.4 1.5
HSV-160U-030 9.6 14.4 2.3
HSV-160U-050 16.8 25.2 3.8
HSV-160U-075 24.8 37.2 5.5
HSV-160U-100 30 45 6.5

Product Size

External dimensions of servo motor/amplifier HSV-160U-010 (unit: mm)


External dimensions of servo motor/amplifier HSV-160U-020/030 (unit: mm)


External dimensions of servo motor/amplifier HSV-160U-050/075 (unit: mm)


External dimensions of servo motor/amplifier HSV-160U-100 (unit: mm)


Application Cases

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