Industrial robot training platform for skill competition

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Industrial robot training platform for skill competition

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Industrial robot training platform for skill competition

Educational Product Series

HuazhongCNC industrial robot training platform for skill competition includes operator and technician modes. The competition platform integrates HNC-RJR605 six-axis robot, automatic feeding module, visual detection module, three-dimensional warehouse module, spraying module (including rotating axis), code module, and general control system module. The competition platform requires contestants to complete fixture installation and adjustment, robot teaching programming, visual system debugging, control system debugging, host computer general control system debugging and other competition tasks within the specified time according to the requirements of the competition task, and can also meet the daily teaching requirements of industrial robot.

Product Characteristic

1. Industrial robot fixture installation and debugging

2. Online programming and debugging of industrial robots

3. Off-line programming and debugging of industrial robots 

4. Spray application integration simulation

5. Industrial robot stacking application integration

6. PLC programming and application

7. Configuration, debugging and application of master control software of upper computer

8. Platform general control system configuration, debugging and application

9. Intelligent vision system configuration, debugging and application

10. Host computer control software, platform control system, vision system, robot control system joint configuration, debugging and application

Product Parameters

Power: 3KW

Size (length/width/height): 1800×1700×1200mm

Gas consumption: 65L/MIN

Weight: 400KG

Configuration List
No. Name and   Specification Unit Number Remarks
1 HSR-605 industrial robot set 1 HSpad teaching implement
2 Foundation bench set 1 Aluminum profile structure platform
3 Modular fixture set 1 nozzle and absorption function
4 Automatic feeding module set 1 circular, square, rectangular three well   warehouse
5 Storage module set 1 Step storage of aluminum profiles
6 Stacking module set 1 Aluminum structure + curved panel
7 Rotating spraying module set 1 With the seventh joint
8 Visual detection module set 1 enable to detect workpiece color, size and   location information
9 General control software set 1 Independent development
10 Off-line programming software INC Robo set 1 Independent development
11 General control PLC set 1 Siemens
12 Quiet oil free air pump set 1 Silicon

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