CNC Controller for Lathe Machine

Through independent innovation, HuazhongCNC has broken through a number of key unit technologies of CNC systems, conquered large-scale production processes and key reliability technologies, and developed various series of medium and high-end CNC system products, such as CNC lathe machine controllers.

Our HNC808 series high-performance and high-precision CNC lathe control panel has stable performance and reliable product quality. It has undergone more than ten strict inspections and tests from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. Our lathe CNC controller is professionally designed and customized according to the actual field application requirements of the lathe. It has rich tool compensation functions, unique program handwheel test functions, program simulation functions, dialogue tool calibration functions, and supports full closed-loop control. HNC lathe CNC controller supports standard G code, T code, S code programming of CNC lathes, and also provides a variety of fixed cutting cycles, multiple cycles and MACRO macro programming, which can fully meet the customization needs of machinery manufacturers.




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