HNC-RSR3400 industrial robot

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HNC-RSR3400 industrial robot

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HNC-RSR3400 industrial robot


HNC-RSR3400 series robots are small in size, light in weight, high in precision, and have a variety of load positions for more flexible movement. It is very suitable for automatic assembly.

Product Characteristic

1. Multi-functional

Low cost, what you buy is a general industrial robot, which can be reprogrammed for many applications such as handling or assembly.

2. Long service life

Using high-precision and high-rigidity RV reducer which can be used for several decades. 

3. High speed performance

Using low-speed ratio high-precision reducer with ultra-fast cycle time and the fastest cycle time is up to 0.35s.

4. High integration

The built-in signal line and the air pipe of the main body are plug and play, avoiding complicated wiring and damage of internal cable, reducing the fault rate.

5. High precision

Using high-precision ball screw of famous international brand, the repeated positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm.

6. High smoothness

The advanced control system and servo drive can ensure high-speed and smooth motion performance with zero-time pause during the operation.

7. High rigidity

Its linear movement axis at the end gives it a good stiffness in the Z direction, which is especially suitable for assembly work.

8. Load position customized

According to the actual end load, the customer can adjust the load position to improve the robot's running tempo. "

Product Parameters

Industrial robot HNC-RSR3400
Degree of freedom 4
Maximum payload 3kg/1kg
Maximum working radius 400mm
Repeated precision ±0.01mm
Range of motion J1 ±132°
J2 ±141°
J3 0-150mm
J4 ±360°
Rated speed J1 360°/s, 6.28rad/s
J2 470°/s, 8.19rad/s
J3 710mm/s
J4 1500°/s, 26.16rad/s
Maximum speed J1 530°/s, 9.24rad/s
J2 700°/s, 12.21rad/s
J3 1065mm/s
J4 2600°/s, 43.35rad/s
Allowable moment of   inertia J4 0.05kg㎡/0.005kg㎡
Allowable torque J4 3.29Nm
Applicable environment Temperature 0~45°
Humidity 20%~80%
Others Avoid contact with flammable, explosive or corrosive   gases and liquids. Keep away from electronic noise sources (plasma).
Cable length of teach pendant Optional (if configured, the teach pendant cable length   is 8 meters)
Body-cabinet connection length 3metre
I/O parameter Digital:32 inputs, 31 outputs (one for control cabinet   fault indicator output)
Battery capacity 0.6kVA
Rated power 0.5kW
Rated voltage Single phaseAC220V
Rated current 2.7A
Protection level IP54
Installation method Ground installation、desktop installation
Body weight 17kg
Control cabinet protection level IP53
Control cabinet size 500(wide)×270(thick)×530(high)-can stand
Control cabinet weight 38KG

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Visual sorting by Scara RSR3400


Laptop parts assembly line with Scara robot

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