HNC-808XP/M CNC Milling Controller

Product Description

HNC-808XP/M CNC Milling Controller

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HNC-808XP/M CNC Milling Controller

3 Axis CNC Controller

HNC808XP/M Ethernet CNC Controller for CNC milling machine | 3 axis control | 7” color LCD screen | Input (32) and output (24) interfaces | Support absolute encoder | Support pulse protocol | Supports full digital servo drive

Product Characteristic

Features of HNC808XP/M Ethernet CNC Milling Machine Controller

1. Configured with switch-value input (32) and output (24) interfaces

2. Simulation spindle control and encoder interfaces

3. Adopting 7-inch monochrome or color LCD (resolution: 320 x 240)

4. Providing USB interfaces to achieve easy and fast data access

5. Providing 400 KB (expandable by using a CF card ) Flash RAM power-off storage and 32 MB RAM buffer

6. System overall dimensions for: 420 x260x126 mm (H * W * D), small size, solid structure, beautiful appearance.

Production Flow
cnc controllera.jpg_.png

Why HNC808XP/M Ethernet CNC Controller?

Service response within 24 hours

-NC cloud provides remote diagnosis and monitoring

-Local or remote service supported by engineer with fluent English or Local language

Support return policy

-Support return within 12 months' warranty.

-Complete replacement within 40 working days.

Excellent quality

-Constant temperature production workshop

-5 strict production test before final product

Favorable price

Make sure to give you an economic solution with cnc controller kits including servo drive, servo motor, spindle motor.

Product Parameters

CNC function Maximum feeding axes: 3 feed axes and 1 spindle
Minimum resolution: 1μm
Automatic acceleration and deceleration (straight line and S curve)
Returning to reference point
Graphic simulation of machining process and real-time tracking
MDI function
M, S, and T function
Graphical static simulation and real-time machining tracking
Interpolation function Line interpolation for a maximum of three axes
Circular interpolation
Thread cutting
Tool compensation function Tool length compensation
Tool radius compensation
Operation function 7-inch TFT color display
Anti-static electricity program   and machine operation panel
Standard PC keyboard interface
Hand-held units (optional)
Graphic display and dynamic real-time simulation
Feed axis function Unrestrained axis rotation function
Maximum specified speed: 21000 mm/min
Feed speed override: 0% to 150%
Rapid movement speed override: 0% to 100%
Spindle function Spindle speed: specified by PLC programming (Max speed: 6000 rpm)
Spindle speed override: 0% to 150%
Displaying spindle speed and   override
Auxiliary function Spindle CW/CCW
Automatic tool change
Cooling on/off
PLC function Build-in PLC
Standard PLC sample

Product Size


Application Cases

HNC808XP/M milling machine Ethernet CNC controller is suitable for the mechanical processing and mold making. And it can adapt to the processing requirement from rough machining to finish machining. It can also finish many working procedures like milling, drilling, tapping and boring etc

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HNC808XP/M for drilling machine

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