CNC machine tool retrofitting + smart factory

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CNC machine tool retrofitting + smart factory

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CNC machine tool retrofitting + smart factory

Intelligent Manufacturing Teaching

On the basis of completing the CNC machine tool upgrade, a smart factory will be built by adding five-axis machine tools, eight-station automatic silo, walking robot, intelligent production line control system, AGV trolley, safety fence and other equipment.

Product Characteristic

Smart Factory

After the construction of the smart factory, it can realize the intelligent production process of automatic loading and unloading, automatic

processing, automatic handling and palletizing. Combined with the production process and equipment, different levels of comprehensive

application practices and training projects can be developed according to the different levels of talents.


Product Parameters

According to the upgrade of smart factory equipment, the training projects can be designed according to the different needs of talent training as follows:

Item Training   Content
Processing   and manufacturing system training · Automatic switch control of CNC machine   tools 
· Tool selection and application t
· Automatic fixture‘s installation,   adjustment and application  
· Automatic fixture’s control 
· Automatic loading and unloading of robots   and CNC machine tools 
· Collection and monitoring of CNC   machine tool data 
Warehouse   logistics system training · Theory and application of RFID
· Automatic loading and unloading   control of industrial robot and conveyor line 
· Industrial robot’s remote monitoring for   faultinstallation and control   of fixture.
Information   management system training · Terminal application of station   information 
· System operation status monitoring  
Training of   automatic part of the system  · PLC programming, network communication
· The establishment and application of the   upper computer’s monitoring system 
· Human-machine interface’s application and   development
System integration’s application training · Integration of Robot and CNC machine   tool 
· Integration of Robot, inspection and   cleaning system
· Integration of AGV and robot
· Integration of robot and stock bin

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