HY2005BS Thermal Camera for School Enterprise

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HY2005BS Thermal Camera for School Enterprise

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HY2005BS Thermal Camera for School Enterprise

Temperature measurement for school park enterprise

Multi-person fever scanning | 1-5m distance measurement | AI face recognition | Auto sound alarm | Multi-language | Fast measurement within 0.5s | Accuracy ±0.3℃ | For Railway School Enterprise & Shopping mall

Product Characteristic

Long range thermal camera in stock for human temperature measuring

Long range thermal camera in stock for human temperature measuring

Features of HY2005B Airport Thermal Camera




Q1:What should we consider when buying an infrared thermal camera?

A:One of the most important part of the infrared thermal camera is the black body which we should consider. Without the black body, the measured temperature can't be stable. All of our product work with black body and it can guarantee the precision of our equipment from 0.2℃ to 0.3℃.

Q2: Can the equipment be used outdoor?

A:Our product can be used outdoors with these conditions below:within the temperature of 0-30 degrees, humidity of 85%, and illumination of 30000 Lux and wind speed of level 3.

Q3:What’s the difference from other products on the market, such as the helmets, temperature measurement punched-card machine?

Most of the temperature detection helmet don’t have black body, so the measure temperature accuracy is not so stable. As to the temperature measurement punched-card machine is a kind of close, low resolution infrared temperature measurement equipment which need to be close to the equipment to test body temperature one by one, and the efficiency is not high.

Q4: What’s the distance of detection of body temperature thermal camera?

Our body temperature thermal camera HY-2005B can detect the temperature from 3 to 12m, the HY-2005BE can detect the temperature from 3-8m and the HY-2005BS can detect the temperature from 2-4m.

Q5:What application scenarios are the infrared cameras suitable for?

A:Our infrared thermal imager is very suitable for use in places with large passenger flow, such as airports, stations, customs,entrances to enterprise parks and office buildings, entrances to schools and supermarket, ports and hospitals, etc.

Product Parameters

Name HY-2005B HY-2005BE HY-2005BS
Type 640x512 384x288 256x192
Detector  pixel 0.63mrad 0.99mrad 1.65mrad
Detector  pixel spacing 200m 150m 100m
Lens  focal length 19mm 13mm 9mm
Field of  view 32°x26° 24°x18° 40°x30°
Thermal  sensitivity 0.05℃ 0.05℃ 0.05℃
Temperature  measurement range 0℃~50℃ 20℃~50℃ 30℃~45℃
Temperature  measurement precision ±0.2℃ ±0.3℃ ±0.3℃
Temperature  measurement mode External black body real-time  calibration measurement Internal black body real-time  calibration measurement Small black body
Visible  camera pixel 200Megapixel 130Megapixel 130Megapixel
Video  mode Double-light fusion Double-light fusion Double-light fusion
Instrument  composition Industrial cabinet+computer+holder of black body Computer+ 2 tripod  Computer+tripod
Power AC 220V AC 220V AC 220V
Interface,  communication protocol Ethercat, TCP/TP, UDP Ethercat, TCP/TP, UDP TCP/TP, UDP, ONVIF
Temperature  at operation 0℃~50℃ 0℃~40℃ 5℃~40℃
Optimum  measurement channel width ≤2.5m ≤2.5m ≤2m
Optimum  measurement distance 6-8m 5-7m 2-4m
End  customer management software 1 set 1 set 1 set

Product Size


Case size: 1003mm*520mm*290mm

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