Application of HCNC Infrared Thermal Fever Scanner in Airport for Epidemic Prevention

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2020-07-22 16:54

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Huazhong CNC

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From February 2 till now, Li Peng, Cui Xiaolong, Qiu Zhixin, Zhao Zefeng and others from HCNC Infrared Business Department went to Beijing Capital International Airport, deployed and installed 32 HY-2005B " infrared human body temperature screening detectors". At present, more than 20 units have been installed and commissioned, which are urgently invested in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the Capital Airport. The installation and commissioning of the rest of the equipment is still being deployed day and night, and will build a strong barrier to epidemic prevention and control in Beijing.


During the epidemic prevention and peak return period after the Spring Festival, several infrared human body temperature screening detectors are running at high speeds at the exit of the Capital Airport's T2/T3 terminal exit joint inspection hall. Passengers do not need to take off their hats and masks to enter the temperature measurement channel in turn; they do not need to receive physical contact, the body temperature is measured at a distance of 6-8 meters; there will not be crowded, and the response time for rapid temperature measurement is only 1 second; there will be no measurement errors, the resolution of sensitive temperature measurement is up to 0.05 degrees. Here, if a fever is encountered, the device will immediately alarm, not only ensuring the normal working order, but also effectively preventing the spread of the epidemic.

Over the years, HCNC infrared human body temperature screening detectors have been widely used in airports all over the country including: Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Kunming Airport, Xi'an Xianyang Airport, Chongqing Airport, Chengdu Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Shenyang Airport, etc.





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