GL8-V door type vertical five-axis machining center

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GL8-V door type vertical five-axis machining center

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GL8-V door type vertical five-axis machining center

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HCNC GL8-V door type vertical five-axis machining center is a new product jointly developed by Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. and Jiatai Numerical Control (Quanzhou) Co., Ltd. This machine tool can be widely used in automotive sheet metal molds, plastic molding molds, and precise mechanical parts processing and aerospace industry.

Product Characteristic

GL8-V door type vertical five-axis machining center is a rotary axis structure of the table. The worktable set on the bed can rotate around the X axis, which is defined as the A axis, and the working range of the A axis is -42 degrees to +120 degrees. The turntable rotates around the Z axis, which is defined as the C axis, and the C axis rotates 360 degrees. Through the combination of A-axis and C-axis, except for the bottom surface of the workpiece fixed on the worktable, the other five surfaces can be processed by the vertical spindle. The machine is equipped with HNC-848 bus-type high-end CNC milling machine and CNC for machining center as standard, so that the A-axis and C-axis are linked with the XYZ three linear axes, and can process complex spatial surfaces.


The base structure of the five-axis machine tool table provides a good table chip removal system, and is equipped with a high-precision rotary table to provide excellent five-axis machining capabilities.


Excellent automatic tool change mechanism: equipped with an economical umbrella-shaped tool magazine, the tool magazine is designed with an independently controlled cover structure to prevent chips from sticking to the tool, thereby ensuring the normal service life of the tool.

Product Parameters

Rotating table

Load Kg horizontal100tilt75
Rotating table diameter mm Ф350
T-slot width mm 12H7

X travel + tool change travel mm 400+550
Y travel + clamping travel  mm 400+150
Z travel mm 400
A-axis tilt angle deg -42°+120°
C axis minimum index deg 0.001°
Distance from spindle   nose to rotating table mm 120520
Linear Guide

Linear guide width mm X34Y34Z28
Number of linear guide

Spindle taper
Spindle speed rpm 12000

X/Y/Z feed speed   mm/min 1~12000
X/Y/Z Three-axis rapid   traverse speed mm/min 36000/36000/36000
A/C Max. rotating speed rpm 13.3/22.2

Positioning accuracy mm X/Y/Z:±0.005

Sec A:45″C:15″
Repeatability mm X/Y/Z:±0.003

Sec A:±8″C:±6″

Spindle rated power KW 7.5/11
Spindle rated torque Nm 35.8
Five-axis rated power KW X5.1Y8.5Z8.5

A:8.5 C:4.1
Five-axis rated torque Nm X16Y27Z27

A:27 C:6.5
 Ball   screw   

Ball screw   diameter/pitch mm XΦ36/12YΦ36/12ZΦ36/12
Tool magazine

 Form of tool   magazine
Umbrella Tool Magazine -BT40
 Tool magazine   capacity T 16
 TimeTool TO Tool) sec 2″
 Maximum tool   diameter (Full tool/empty neighbor tool) mm Φ100mm/Φ200mm

Power supply
Air pressure Kg/cm2 6.5
Net weight Kg 6000
Size(Length×width×height) mm 2700 ×2700×3400

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