Intelligent five-axis CNC machine tool

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Intelligent five-axis CNC machine tool

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Intelligent five-axis CNC machine tool

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HCNC intelligent high-speed five-axis CNC machine tool is a high cost-effective machine tool with high-speed functions and specially used for processing complex curved surfaces. It is suitable for processing impellers, blades, mobile phone shells, hardware accessories, and automotive parts, parts and other products.

Product Characteristic

1. Ocuppies small area, with strong rigidity, symmetrical structure, fast dynamic response and good stability

2. The spindle speed is 20000rpm/min, the fast moving speed is 48min/s, and the acceleration is 1G

3. PTZ anti-corrosion camera, 13.3-inch HD display

4. One-time clamping of parts can automatically and efficiently complete multiple processes of multiple surfaces continuously, including the processing of complex processes such as bevels and curved surfaces

Product Parameters

Item Technical specifications 
Maximum workpiece diameter Φ250
C-axis rotary table diameter Φ200
Distance from spindle nose to rotating table of 0° 90 to 310(Distance from rotating table of 0° to   worktable 257.2)
Load weight Horizontal :40Inclined:20
T-slot width 12H7
Spindle speed 20000
Spindle taper BT30
X axis travel 500
Y axis travel 360
Z axis travel 300
A-axis tilt angle -30° to +110°
C axis rotation angle 360(any angle)
Linear axis feed rate 1 to 16000
Linear axis rapid traverse speed 48000/48000/48000
Positioning accuracy 0.025
Repeatability 0.015
Spindle rated power 3.7
Spindle rated torque 5.9
Tool magazine form Umbrella Tool Magazine -BT30
Tool magazine capacity 16
Tool change time of adjacent tool magazine 2.5”
Maximum tool diameter(full tool empty adjacent tool) Φ80mm/Φ130mm
Rotating table
C axis minimum resolution 0.001°
Positioning accuracy A:30″\C:20″(Tilt axis/rotary axis)
Repeatability A:8″\C:8″(Tilt axis/rotary axis)
Maximum speed of AC axes 250/400
  Power      3Φ380V\50Hz\38KVA
         Air pressure            0.6
       Gross weight          3600
Machine size (length*width*height)  2000×2150X2400
      CNC system        HNC-848D

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